Briggs, Josh - Spring 2016

CIS 75 is an Introduction to Network Security.  It is based on the Security+ curriculum from CompTIA.  While the title may be named Introduction, it does not mean there are no other prerequisites, just that as security goes, this is an introduction to network security.  You should have a broad knowledge base pertaining to computers and networks including; basic computer experience and be able to navigate quickly using both the mouse and keyboard.  It assumes you know how to right click, left click, double click, drag-and-drop, etc...  The CIS 67 course is also a prerequisite.  It assumes you have the basic network knowledge before you you can understand and learn network security. 

This is a survey course which provides an overview of computer technology for multi disciplinary majors. Using laboratory projects supported by the lecture, the student gains “hands- on” familiarity with different operating systems, word processors, spreadsheets, database management systems, programming, networks and the use of the Internet (or the Information Superhighway). 48-54 hours lecture and 48-54 hours laboratory. CSU, UC. (No prerequisite)....However it is recommended that students have the following skills: mouse skills: know difference between, be able to perform, and know when to utilize: left click, right click, single click, double click, and drag and drop motion. Keyboarding skills: nominal typing speeds of about 30 words per minute (WPM).