Python is a popular programming language that has taken a primary role in many companies including NASA, Google, Industrial Lights and Magic. Python uses an elegant syntax, making the programs easier to write and ready, which also makes it an ideal language for beginning programmers. The foundation that students achieve is applicable to other disciplines that may require some knowledge of computer programming such as digital animation, mathematics, and more advanced programming languages. It is assumed that the student has little or no experience with writing computer programs. 48-54 hours lecture and 48-54 hours laboratory. (No Prerequisite) This course may be taken four times

This is a course for programming in Java. The course will cover the basics of the Java programming language and object- oriented programming method. Some of the more advanced topics such as applets programming data structure implementation in Java will also be covered.

The second in the C++ series, this course teaches the student who is familiar with the language how to use its object-oriented features in depth. Subject matter includes: designing and implementing classes, abstract data types, overloading operators, inheritance, and polymorphism.

This course provides a broad overview of computer technology for multidisciplinary majors. It provides instruction in a wide variety of topics supported by hands-on laboratory work with operating systems, word processing, spreadsheets, databases, programming, networks, the Internet. CSU,UC