Steve Kurti's classes

Image with class name and computer with code on a screen and java beans falling into a coffee mug

The Magic -- Translating human ideas into coded representations.

-- Prof Kurti



Have you ever wondered how webpages can change at the click of a button without loading a new page?  Curious how to make a simple online game?  You are in the right place.  JavaScript holds the secrets to how web widgets can do their magic, and we are going to crack open some of those secrets.

As with most magic tricks, we are going to learn, practice, and get good at putting things right where they belong and when they belong there.  Also as with magic tricks, most of the trick is in the thinking ahead of time.  To be pulled off flawlessly, we will learn a little code and LOT of thinking, but we will have more time to unpack these things.


Welcome to the JavaScript Class (CIS205)


To get started, let's do a quick check to make sure you will have the computer tools you need to succeed.  This is a programming class, and most of our tools will be digital.  Also since we are all dealing with the challenges of COVID-19, this is an online class, but you probably figured that out already since you are reading this on a computer or other device.  Here are the important resources you will need to have or find or borrow:


  1. Computer (laptop or desktop with ANY operating system)
  2. Browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Edge, etc)
  3. Text editor (almost EVERY computer has one of these)
  4. Internet connection (wired, wireless, mobile, etc)


  1. Browser supporting JavaScript 6 (check this list)
  2. Text-coloring editor (such as Sublime Text, Bluefish, Atom, etc)

BEST CASE scenario list

  1. Firefox browser
  2. Sublime Text editor
  3. Fast internet connection (any network supporting real-time videos and video conferencing)

The above RECOMMENDED software packages are available for free on any platform (PC, Mac, Linux).  They are also much more likely to be used in class examples.  While you do not need to have the same browser and editor as we use in the examples, it will make understanding concepts much simpler and quicker.


Let's get started.  Click here to start learning.