Burg, Ed - 2018 Spring

An introduction to the theories and issues of ethical behavior as applied to the exigencies of a rapidly changing, information-oriented, computer-driven society. Topics include ethical history, philosophies, and issues at the responsibility level of both corporate business and the individual. Various ethical theories are introduced and discussed. Numerous current and past case histories are presented.

CIS 75 is an Introduction to Network Security.  It is based on the Security+ curriculum from CompTIA.  While the title may be named Introduction, it does not mean there are no other prerequisites, just that as security goes, this is an introduction to network security.  You should have a broad knowledge base pertaining to computers and networks including; basic computer experience and be able to navigate quickly using both the mouse and keyboard.  It assumes you know how to right click, left click, double click, drag-and-drop, etc...  The CIS 67 course is also a prerequisite.  It assumes you have the basic network knowledge before you you can understand and learn network security. 

This course provides a broad overview of computer technology for multi disciplinary majors. It provides instruction in a wide variety of topics supported by hands-on laboratory work with operating systems, word processing, spreadsheets, databases, programming, networks, and Internet technologies. This course requires that you have prior basic computer experience.  You should be able to type about 30 WPM, be able to navigate with a mouse using such movements as single click, double click, right click, left click, drag-and-drop, etc...  CSU,UC

This course is designed for the student or businessperson who wants to acquire the skills needed to effectively interact and utilize the resources of the Internet and the World Wide Web (WWW). To accomplish this, the student will become well versed in using browsers, file transfer protocols, news groups, e-mail, and chat/conversation utilities.